Challenging Anxious Thoughts

Fear/Anxious is part of our emotions which helps us to focus on our problems. However, in certain situations anxiety can out grow because of irrational thoughts and cripple our ability to solve the problems.


This worksheet can help you practice to rationalise the irrational thoughts and worries which are hindering you to function effectively.


Describe the situations:





Thoughts that trigger your Anxiety: (Think about the facts that can help you recognise your irrational thoughts)

Write down the

Worst Outcome -

Best Outcome -

Likely Outcome -




In case of the worst outcome, How long would it matter to you.

1 week from now -

1 month from now -

1 year from now -

Anxious thoughts and feelings always focus on the worst outcomes, even when they aren’t likely to happen. For example, a person who recently finished his project and didn’t perform well.

The irrational thought - I messed up the project, so I am useless and worthless person and I will mess up everything”

The rational thought might be - I did the other projects well so this one project doesn’t signify I am useless or worthless. Due to some circumstance I messed it up I can rectify the mistake I made and work on correcting the mistakes.

Using your own “Worst outcome” and “Likely outcome” from above, describe your

Irrational thought:

Rational thought:

Depression is a state of mental illness. It is characterized by deep, long- lasting feelings of sadness or despair. Depression can change an individual's thinking/feelings and also affects his/her social behavior and sense of physical well-being.

Java is a widely used object-oriented programming language and software platform that runs on billions of devices, including notebook computers, mobile devices, gaming consoles, medical devices and many others. The rules and syntax of Java are based on the C and C++ languages.

Mental health refers to a state of mental wellness that enables people to manage life's stressors, develop their potential, learn and perform effectively, and give back to their communities. It is a crucial element of health and well-being that supports both our individual and social capacity to decide, form connections, and influence the world we live in. A core human right is access to mental health. Moreover, it is essential for socioeconomic, societal, and personal development.

Stress is a response to pressure. Stress can make one feel nervous or tense. When one is stressed it is usually not easy to handle the task at hand. Everyone faces stress in life. Each person handles stress differently. The body hormones enables the ‘fight or flight’ response to stress that is how they respond to stress. There are persons who do well in stressful situations where as some find it difficult to perform even a small task in stressful situations. Some of the physical symptoms of stress are feeling anxious, afraid, angry, sad, irritable, frustrated or depressed……………..

What is Agoraphobia? Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder in which you fear and avoid places or situations that might cause you to panic and make you feel trapped, helpless or embarrassed. You fear an actual or anticipated situation, such as using public transportation, being in open or enclosed spaces, standing in line, or being in a crow